Five Healthy Foods your Kids Must Love

Many parents agree that buying or preparing a healthy meal for kids is the easier part. The biggest nightmare is getting the kids to eat the food however nutritious it may be. This can make meal times to be extremely frustrating. Sometimes parents are left wondering if their kids are taking enough nutrients to keep them healthy. Has this been your experience? Here are some great healthy foods your kids must love.

Flaxseed meal

Flaxseed are basically nuts that are full of fatty acids known as Omega-3. These fatty acids are good for a child’s brain activity and development. Flaxseed is available as whole seeds or ground form in food stores. However, the ground seeds are recommended because they are absorbed faster into the body compared to the whole seeds. You can try sprinkling the ground seeds onto their cereals in the morning or on any of your kid’s sweet treats. Alternatively, when preparing your kids favorite pancake or muffins, replace a quarter cup of flour with ground flaxseed.

Tofu in ice creams and desserts

Many parents claim that their children are never going to touch tofu. Probably they have their valid reasons. Tofu is never kid’s favorite when it is served as a whole. However, when used as creamy base in smoothies, cookies and deserts then you will have no fights with your kids. Tofu has sufficient proteins, iron, calcium and vitamins B. all these nutrients are a prerequisite for a child to have strong bones, stable immunity and proper growth.

Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are readily available and cheap yet they are some of the most nutritious foods for the kids. Their natural sweetness and bright color makes them a favorite meal for the children. However, most parents forget it when kids grow older and start to eat on their own. Sweet potatoes contain vitamin A which is good for healthy eyes. They also work as antioxidants in the body. You can bake the potatoes at 375� for about forty five minutes until they become tender. You can then top it up with cinnamon sugar.

Low fat yogurt

Plenty of healthy bacteria are the best gift for the little stomachs. This will help boost the kid’s immunity and keep them happy. Low fat yogurt is the best source for these bacteria. You need to avoid the sugary versions of yogurt since they have low bacteria content and protein value. Instead, top up the low fat yogurt with a spoonful of honey or sprinkle some fresh fruits on it. Always look for the ones that have a label of “live and active culture” on them. These types of yogurt have more calcium than a cup of fresh milk and therefore good for the bones.


The fiber content, complex carbohydrates combined with olive oil make hummus a perfect food for the kids. The complex carbohydrates have sufficient energy to help your child to stay active all day without fatigue. While the fiber content and protein will keep them full until the next meal. It can be served with pita chips or together with sandwich.

With happy and healthy kids you can always have all the fun time for yourself. You can play online casino games, watch football or even gamble with peace of mind that your family is happy and healthy.